Getting Out of the Shell

So for those who don’t know, I am studying to get my MBA from the University of Missouri – Kansas City. This is providing me with the opportunity to expand my career in ways that I have never thought possible. First, I’m getting experience through a course with a real client, who is quite wonderful, might I add. I’m excited for what this experience will bring to both of us and hope to enrich our lives equally from the experience, as I do want to run my own enterprise at some point as I’ve got ideas! [Read More]

MooreCola and OpenCola

I have been rambling on and on to my friends and family (my wife in fact is tired) regarding the drink called “OpenCola”. If you don’t know the 20+ year old recipe, give my treatment in an interactive fiction, found at, a play through. In the meantime, I made the recipe minus the caffeine and neroli essential oil (this stuff is difficult to find in Kansas City). It was okay. [Read More]
cola  drink 

Moving Time

So, again I’m moving after experimenting with Hugo and needing to consolidate some recurring expenses. As such, I will start off by reposting my original “Moving Time” post and moving over the blog posts I actually liked: I’ve moved my meditations (again). Previously, I was hosting it on a WordPress platform. Yucky as it may seem, it got cringeworthy when the database froze. Why a database for a blog escapes me. [Read More]