Moving Time

So, again I’m moving after experimenting with Hugo and needing to consolidate some recurring expenses. As such, I will start off by reposting my original “Moving Time” post and moving over the blog posts I actually liked:

I’ve moved my meditations (again). Previously, I was hosting it on a WordPress platform. Yucky as it may seem, it got cringeworthy when the database froze. Why a database for a blog escapes me.

At any rate, this will be the more permanent place.

So, what’s really new in my life? I’ve really gone deep into the waters of Interactive Fiction (look it up, I find it fascinating).

I’ve published two so far on IFDB. First, “Buttered Toast: the Interactive Fiction Starring Billy Davis” is one that is partially based on fragments that I could find that were worthwhile from the early 2000s movie script that a group of people and I wrote. Second, “Rock, Paper, Scissors!” is a fictional universe where people have tournaments of the game that bears its name.

More to come! We’re currently testing a sequel to Buttered Toast using more uncovered fragments and some newer ideas. Also, there’s going to be one based on the layout of my church (no, I’m not trying to convert you).

Keep it safe!