MooreCola and OpenCola

I have been rambling on and on to my friends and family (my wife in fact is tired) regarding the drink called “OpenCola”. If you don’t know the 20+ year old recipe, give my treatment in an interactive fiction, found at, a play through.

In the meantime, I made the recipe minus the caffeine and neroli essential oil (this stuff is difficult to find in Kansas City). It was okay. However, a second go at it, I did some modifications, such as replacing neroli essential oil with sweet orange essential oil. The recipe demands no caffeine and so on. You can find the source code at

This new modification tastes similar to Coca-Cola in my book, but with a slightly different bent because of the sweet orange oil.

At any rate, please enjoy it and make modifications as the LaTeX document and Inform 7 source are both GPL v3 and allow for modifications. If you want to manufacture it, you’re free to as long as the source recipe used remains in tact and accessible to the consumers of the drink.

Keep it safe!

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