Monday Night Fights

Monday Night Fights were a thing in the Dragon Dice world where, every Monday night, two or more players would gather together and play a game of Dragon Dice. Afterwards, someone would scribe the highlights of the game and post them to the Usenet newsgroup. Marvelous! I played a few games myself, too. Unfortunately, I game back from a long haiatus from the game only to find that it and the newsgroup were finished.

Let’s bring it back! This is why I propose a Monday Night Fights revival on the Dragon Dice Discord. Starting October 9th, 2023, we will begin playing anew.


So, what’s the format for the game. It’s simple. 24 points. Advanced rules are allowed. Furthermore, we will prevent turtling by using the Reserves Modifier Rules. Finally, if all players agree, Dragonkin As Units are allowed.

How Games Will Be Played

Games will simply be played using video for now. It’s preferred that camera’s be pointed at the dice themselves and not any facial features or anything identifying, unless you’re like me and occasionally do such things.


I hope to bring back the raucous days of the early Dragon Dice and the early part of the Internet occupied by the players.