Looney Pyramids

Looney Pyramids are my latest attraction. Why do I appreciate them? They’re not particularly collectible, although they do have a wide variety of colors that you can. It’s the fact the game pieces are very open ended in the rules. It’s because they’re stackable pyramids that you can use them for just about anything that needs tokens, for example, or even build your own game rule sets. I think I have the heart of a game designer, despite being currently a software engineer by profession (and otherwise after January when I level up with an MBA). To this end, I am always looking for ways to increase my ability to develop games.

Enter Looney Pyramids.

I have since acquired most of their sets and have been exploring the rules to their games. I was also pleased to discover…there are community games!

As an aside, this desire to build my own games has been with me since early childhood when I developed rules for interchange between coloring cut outs of Mario and Link’s different video game world and their components made by my brother and I. I used a single six-sided die to simulate combat and explosions and stuff. It was pretty cool.

But back to the topic at hand: Looney Pyramids. They’ve inspired me. I acquired two unique board game sets (Royal Game of Ur and Senet) and have developed rules for a draughts-like game.

Most recent acquisitions that I look forward to understanding the rules that come with them are Homeworlds (this is definitely a complicated but fun looking game) and the Pyramid Arcade.

Inevitably, I will need to join the ranks of Starship Captains. These are people who have played, and ranked, their favorite Looney Pyramids games. At the moment, because I haven’t played enough, here are my rankings:

  1. Nomids
  2. Black Ice
  3. Pharoah
  4. Give or Take
  5. Twin Win
  6. Pikemen
  7. Treehouse
  8. Pyramid-Sham-Bo
  9. Hijinks
  10. Ice Dice

This list are of those that are provided by Looney Labs that I have played and ranked. This being said, it’s not like Ice Dice is a terrible game. It’s just not as enjoyable to me as Hijinks. However, look out Nomids! You might get knocked down a peg after I play a few Homeworlds games.

In the end, Looney Pyramids are enjoyable game pieces that I plan to use for the foreseeable future. They have been a hit with the brother and with both my children (ages 8 and 5 at the time of this writing). I plan to even devise a way to integrate a weekly family board game night with my moderately sized family of four time together.