The King's Die

Floating around the world of Esfah are the Eldrymetallum works of the commonly called “Gnomes”. They slaved away using this star born metal and crafted many unique and powerful artifacts and items. One such thing is a simple, purple cube called the King’s Die.

Long ago in a city far, far away there was TSR and they were promoting this promising game called “Dragon Dice”. Part of this promotion, many specially molded dice were made. One of which is the King’s Die. This purple and majectic construct had a flaw that it favored the first 5 species of the game more. Also, people either threw away or hoarded them. Nothing’s wrong with the latter.

Two purple cubic dice with the TSR dragon logo displayed on a white man’s hand.

So, now that more and more are surfacing again in the world of Esfah (our world, too), there comes the question of what should be their power? Should they be discarded and set aside as relics of the bygone wars?

I say no! Sure, they’re not officially allowed in game play. But, we can, for those lucky enough to possess one (or more) of them, come upon an understanding of rules for the game.

So, here is the meat of what I’m proposing for the purple, marbled plastic cubes: grant one ability of the species allowed on the rolled face.

Here are the rules:

At the beginning of each turn and after the Expire Effects phase, a player may roll the King’s Die and apply one ability of the species shown on the die or one ability of any species of Esfah in the event the TSR shield logo is rolled. If the die is rolled, they must apply this effect and skip any effects of the Eigth Face phase. The effect is applied until the beginning of the next turn.


There is a cost: the King’s Die is now worth 6 points during construction of your force.

I hope that you all enjoy this variant. If you have suggestions and criticisms of it, drop me a line on the Discord! Heck, if the game interests you even in the slightest, check out the Discord.