Getting Out of the Shell

So for those who don’t know, I am studying to get my MBA from the University of Missouri – Kansas City. This is providing me with the opportunity to expand my career in ways that I have never thought possible.

First, I’m getting experience through a course with a real client, who is quite wonderful, might I add. I’m excited for what this experience will bring to both of us and hope to enrich our lives equally from the experience, as I do want to run my own enterprise at some point as I’ve got ideas!

Second, I’m learning about the business side of things and how that operates both numerically and operationally. Something that has always piqued my interest, but I couldn’t get myself to do because of personal issues, was lead. In my current role as Senior Software Engineer at my employer, I’m finding that I have a knack for leadership. I don’t know if it’s the experiences I bring or my personality or both. Either way, it’s fun leading. This is not to say it’s been easy as I do have a level of responsibility that causes long hours and stress but that goes with the territory.

Finally, I’m networking. Whether it’s professors or whether it is adjacent with students. I’m networking. It’s something that would have seemed impossible just 5 years ago. And it feels right!

So, what do I recommend for those out there? Do I recommend getting an MBA even if they don’t want to? Not at all! Do I recommend getting a higher education? It couldn’t help, but it’s really not always for everybody. What I recommend is getting out of your shell. Put down the phone. See the world in a different light by experiencing the camaraderie of others and see where these connections can take you whether it is financially or personally.

Keep it safe!