In Dragon Dice, there is a type of “unit” called Dragonkin. In the game, dragons and dragonkin are summoned. Great! Except, they really should be played as units. This short blog entry describes how I propose changes allowing them to be played as units. This will not discuss the mechanics of the game. Instead, if you want Dragon Dice instruction, see the link earlier.

Building a Force#

There is no longer a 1/3 of health worth of Dragonkin that are brought into the summoning pool. Instead, the forces will comprise entirely of Dragonkin units or some combination of Dragonkin and non-Dragonkin dice.


Dragonkin may carry equipment. The same rules apply for equipment in force construction and carrying as in the Dragon Dice rules.

Death and Resurrection#

When a Dragonkin unit dies, they do go to the graveyard. To bring them back, they use the same one as other species.


They can do anything that a regular species can, such as cast magic. However, due to the lack of magic icons, they may only generate from IDs. If they want to bring a Dragonkin unit back from the dead, they can!

Special Abilities#

These are already stated for dragonkin in the rules. However, it needs to be noted. First, they retain their autosave ability. This means that for every health of dragonkin, a save is provided for every point. Second, the large and champions have breath attacks with damage equal to their total health.

A Few Parting Thoughts#

This is in flux and the blog entry will be updated as these rules progress. When this happens, I’ll note an update section.