Monday Night Fights

Monday Night Fights were a thing in the Dragon Dice world where, every Monday night, two or more players would gather together and play a game of Dragon Dice. Afterwards, someone would scribe the highlights of the game and post them to the Usenet newsgroup. Marvelous! I played a few games myself, too. Unfortunately, I game back from a long haiatus from the game only to find that it and the newsgroup were finished. [Read More]

Militants Of Esfah

The elements are calling the citizens of Esfah. However, some are hearing their call differently. They have risen up against their leadership and formed new alliances that cross species to overthrow the current hierarchies. In response, the leadership have formed alliances, or none at all, and are countering the militants who are taking control of the land. Can you, with the aid of other commanders, capture the terrain from the vile militants? [Read More]

The King's Die

Floating around the world of Esfah are the Eldrymetallum works of the commonly called “Gnomes”. They slaved away using this star born metal and crafted many unique and powerful artifacts and items. One such thing is a simple, purple cube called the King’s Die. Long ago in a city far, far away there was TSR and they were promoting this promising game called “Dragon Dice”. Part of this promotion, many specially molded dice were made. [Read More]

Interactive Fiction Tech Membership Card

So, in the ELF computing world, there is a membership card that displays blinkenlights. This is cool and I wanted to create my own for one of my hobbies in life. To me, the obvious choice was the interactive fiction space. The reasons were mostly pure: It needs to be portable It needs to be assembled easily because not everyone in the IF space are absolute techies. It needs to be internet enabled to download from IFDB. [Read More]

French Travelogue

Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry, and narrow-mindedness, and many of our people need it sorely on these accounts. Broad, wholesome, charitable views of men and things cannot be acquired by vegetating in one little corner of the earth all one’s lifetime. ~ Mark Twain Recently, I had the opportunity to go to France for one of my wife’s cousin’s wedding. When I heard about this trip a few months back, I immediately jumped on the opportunity to help save for it and helped plan it. [Read More]


In Dragon Dice, there is a type of “unit” called Dragonkin. In the game, dragons and dragonkin are summoned. Great! Except, they really should be played as units. This short blog entry describes how I propose changes allowing them to be played as units. This will not discuss the mechanics of the game. Instead, if you want Dragon Dice instruction, see the link earlier. Building a Force There is no longer a 1/3 of health worth of Dragonkin that are brought into the summoning pool. [Read More]

The Way

The Way When people these days think of the “the Way”, they have visions of Mandelorians jumping in their heads. However, there are many “ways” since antiquity. The one, I’m going to be referring to is Christianity. Back in the day, Christians, called themselves many things, but the teachings of Christ were called “the Way”. They had tenants and they were based on word of mouth and a few scattered documents. [Read More]

Tea Sense

So, I drink tea. And by drink, I mean consume. It is at the point that I have a subscription service where sencha green tea is regularly delivered to my house. But do I stop there? No way! In the pursuit of the perfect cup, I have gone to the depths of measuring out the leaves by weight and even ensuring water temp is what I find optimal. However, to do this, I needed a tech solution. [Read More]

Buttered Toast

What is Buttered Toast? “You have to be kidding me?”, you ask yourself. I’m not. The name evokes toasted bread with butter on it, no? It’s also something silly. Let’s go back. Way back to the late 1990’s. My brother and a friend conceived this idea that we would make a movie that would be the best thing since, well, buttered toast. Why that? In the show “Ed, Edd, and Eddy”, one of the characters said they’re better than buttered toast. [Read More]

My Passions and Obsessions

I like hobbies. I obsess about them in my downtime when the family is asleep. Why? They keep me preoccupied and not dwelling on the monotonous life that I have found myself in! In all seriousness, I find them entertaining. The major groupings that I obsess over are chillis, RPGs, Dragon Dice, and interactive fictions. First, chillis, commonly called “hot peppers” in the USA, are wonderful. I prefer flavor over intense heat. [Read More]