As far as physical games, I play RPGs (role-playing games), board games, and dice games. Enjoy what the little offering that I have!

Dice Games#

Here are my strictly dice based games that I play.

Dragon Dice#

I have a strictly Dragon Dice related page.

Daemon Dice#

Originally, I had 2 scenarios for Daemon Dice in 2 separate files. Now, I’ve combined them into one gigantic PDF.

Alternate Rules House rules for Daemon Dice

Also, I’m looking to trade/buy some dice. Not much. Here’s what I have.

Game Compendium#

My game compendium is a collection of games using dice, cards, or both of my own creation.

PDF - (Work in Progress)

One Page D6 (1PD6)#

One Page D6 is a simple RPG where the rules proper fit entirely on a single piece of paper. It uses hexahedrons to resolve actions, thus the D6 part. The rules themselves are intentionally generic so that settings may be developed that are catered towards individual play groups and centers around storytelling. For the rules, see the Game Compendium.

Esfah Setting Setting for the Game that takes place in Esfah, world for the dice game Dragon Dice.