As far as physical games, I play RPGs (role-playing games), board games, and dice games. Please, enjoy what little offering that I have!

Card Games#

Lately, I’ve been getting into, in addition to dice games, tarot card games. No, not THAT tarot, but the original flavor. The card games that use the standard, non-divination tarot decks. Without further ado, here are my rules for tarot games. NOTE: I am working on a second edition to this that cleans up some rules and removes some of my own games that didn’t play out as well I had tested them.

Dice Games#

Here are my strictly dice based games that I play.

Daemon Dice (and Monsters!)#

I have a strictly Daemon Dice and my personal variant related page.

Dragon Dice#

I have a strictly Dragon Dice related page.

Solitaire Dice#

Here is a score card and rules that is heavily based on Sid Sackson’s Solitaire Dice rules. The difference is mostly in the scoring that are made to be more simplified.


Yamb is a public domain dice game very similar to Yahzee. Here are the rules write up that I have done (it’s very rough in places, though). Additionally, I built an online score card that one can use to track their games.