As far as physical games, I play RPGs (role-playing games), board games, and dice games. Please, enjoy what little offering that I have!

I have written my own comprehensive guide on games. It’s called Compleat Gamester that covers a wide array of games. Most of these have not been tested because they are tried and true public domain ones and recorded here to have a single source to find them. Three of them are just based on existing ones and modified and tested.

Dice Games

Here are the dice based games that I play.

Daemon Dice

Daemon Dice is a game derived from Demon Dice which is a game derived from Chaos Progenitus (here called the Chaos Progenitus family of games). The dice are cool looking and have intriguing probabilities. As such, I took it upon myself and made a home made game out of the dice called Monsters!, resulting in a collection of color themed books.

Here’s my Daemon Dice Collection.

Dragon Dice

I have a strictly Dragon Dice related page.

Solitaire Dice

Here is a score card and rules that is heavily based on Sid Sackson’s Solitaire Dice rules. The difference is mostly in the scoring that are made to be more simplified.


Yamb is a public domain dice game very similar to Yahzee. The rules are found in the above A Gamester’s Guide. Additionally, I built an online score card that one can use to track their games.

Looney Pyramids

Harness the power of the pyramids! I have made a few games for the Looney Pyramids system:

  • Lunar Senet - Uses a senet board with my own rules … because there aren’t any real rules to it.
  • Mazes of Hograk - Uses an ludo board and follows the very similar rules, but uses Tarot cards to do stuff with the pyramids.
  • Pyramidal Draughts - Uses an 8x8 checkerboard and follows the English draughts rules.
  • Sumerian Pyramids - Uses a Royal Game of Ur board.