Kicker Pack U1:


Released: August, 1998


Gnomes are the first unofficial Dragon Dice kicker pack. They originated as an April Fools post that I made to the Dragon Dice mailing list, which announced them as a future kicker pack to be released in late 1998. There was so much interest in gnomes that I decided to actually design the kicker, along with stickers for the gnome dice. The kicker was "released" at the GenCon '98 Game Fair, where they were featured in a special tournament (a pictures of the winners is available, as are some other assorted pictures from the event).

The complete Gnome rules are now available in HTML!.

Gnome Champions!

To celebrate the one year anniversary of the initial April Fools announcement of Gnomes!, the first unofficial deluxe kicker pack was released on April 1, 1999: Gnome Champions. The Gnome Champion Rules are available online. Note that this deluxe kicker includes the actual Champion rules that will be used when the official Champions Deluxe Kicker is released

Stickers, Stickers, Stickers!

Here is the first release of the Gnome dice stickers. These are in the same format as those used at GenCon. Future plans include a colored background (blue, red, and gold) and a complete set of icons (right now some of the SAIs and all of the IDs are plain text). Note that the dice stickers are also in PDF format:

If you make a mistake when applying the stickers...

In keeping with the gnome spirit of adventure, discovery, and experimentation, if you accidentally put the wrong sticker on a gnome unit, it is legal in tournament play. However, if you intentionally create a misprint, that unit is subject to an immediate, automatic attack by the Giant Space Hamster of Ill Omen. It is entirely up to the judge as to what is intentional and what is accidental.

The Giant Space Hamster of Ill Omen (aka Wooly Rupert) is a unique gnome monster. It cannot be used in play, but can be instantly summoned by the judge in a gnome tournament. This monster is of unusual size (even larger than a Tyrannohamsterous Rex), is highly intelligent, and is said to possess spellcasting abilities. He is not well-disposed to gnomes of any sort, especially intentional misprints, preferring to squash them under his titanic paws. Gnomes everywhere fear the wrath of Wooly Rupert.

In tournament play, when a judge suspects an intentional gnome misprint, he may invoke the wrath of Wooly Rupert by merely mentioning his name. The judge then rolls a 10-sided dice and uses the chart below to determine Wooly Rupert's effect on the misprinted die:

1 ID 6 Squash SAI
2 Squash SAI 7 Mash SAI
3 Mash SAI 8 Grind-Under-Paw SAI
4 Grind-Under-Paw SAI 9 Stomp SAI
5 Stomp SAI 10 Double Cantrip

SAI Descriptions:

You get the idea.

Gnome Pictures from GenCon '98

(the names of the participants have been omitted to protect their integrity.)

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