Curriculum Vitae of William Moore


e-mail: [email protected]

Code Repositories

Work Experience

  • A Place For Mom (2022 - current) - working as a full stack developer on an internal system using React front-end and TypeScript for all code.
  • SecureCom Wireless (2020 - 2022) - worked on Android development and the enterprise system Entre, which managed security system panels and associated components.
  • Commerce Bank (2012 - 2020) - worked in various positions as a Programmer Analyst to a Software Engineer. These duties included developing, troubleshooting, and supporting existing systems written in Java and JavaScript (React) as a full stack developer.
  • Westar Energy (now Evergy) (2007 - 2012) - worked as a back-end Java developer for various energy accounting systems.
  • HF Rubber Machinery (2005 - 2007) - worked as an electromech support personnel for control systems of various machinery involved with the rubber mixing process.

Technical Skills

Java, JavaScript, Linux, MacOS, REST API design, full stack, troubleshooting. There’s certainly much, much more. I just cannot think of them at the moment.

Personal Projects

  • - My personal site where I try out all things HTML + CSS (with some very, very light and not intrusive JavaScript).
  • Others - Please see the code repositories as there are too many to list and I’m a prolific releaser of code.


  • Master’s Degree, University of Missouri, Kansas City (December 2023) - studying Professional Business Administration.
  • Bachelor’s Degree, Kansas State University (2003) - studied Computer Science, focusing on languages and language development.


  • Board Games - I play primarily Dragon Dice and various role-playing games
  • Chilis - I love burning my insides through eating the spiciest of chillis.
  • Cycling/Fitness - I actively do physical fitness, focusing primarily on a Peloton bicycle and the real thing.
  • Free/Libre Open Source Software - I enjoy developing and using FLOSS for various reasons.
  • Interactive Fiction Software - I enjoy developing and playing different interactive fictions.
  • Home Automation - much to the discomfort of my wife, I am incrementally as time and finances allow automating my current house as I did with the previous one.
  • Martial Arts - I have obtained a 2nd degree black belt in taekwondo and am currently practicing tai chi.
  • Tea - My favorite drink since a lad of 8 is tea. Currently, I prefer sencha green tea, for which I built an IoT device to monitor water temperature that is actually quite critical (TM) for making the best cup.

Notable Qualities

I have been described as having a jovial, open, and nerdy personality.