Interactive Fiction Tech Membership Card

So, in the ELF computing world, there is a membership card that displays blinkenlights. This is cool and I wanted to create my own for one of my hobbies in life. To me, the obvious choice was the interactive fiction space. The reasons were mostly pure: It needs to be portable It needs to be assembled easily because not everyone in the IF space are absolute techies. It needs to be internet enabled to download from IFDB. [Read More]

Buttered Toast

What is Buttered Toast? “You have to be kidding me?”, you ask yourself. I’m not. The name evokes toasted bread with butter on it, no? It’s also something silly. Let’s go back. Way back to the late 1990’s. My brother and a friend conceived this idea that we would make a movie that would be the best thing since, well, buttered toast. Why that? In the show “Ed, Edd, and Eddy”, one of the characters said they’re better than buttered toast. [Read More]