Militants Of Esfah

The elements are calling the citizens of Esfah. However, some are hearing their call differently. They have risen up against their leadership and formed new alliances that cross species to overthrow the current hierarchies. In response, the leadership have formed alliances, or none at all, and are countering the militants who are taking control of the land. Can you, with the aid of other commanders, capture the terrain from the vile militants? [Read More]

The King's Die

Floating around the world of Esfah are the Eldrymetallum works of the commonly called “Gnomes”. They slaved away using this star born metal and crafted many unique and powerful artifacts and items. One such thing is a simple, purple cube called the King’s Die. Long ago in a city far, far away there was TSR and they were promoting this promising game called “Dragon Dice”. Part of this promotion, many specially molded dice were made. [Read More]

Dragon Dice: Some Campaign Rules

This rules variant is a way to enhance games of Dragon Dice ®. The rules are intended to be light enough that it does not interfere with the game of Dragon Dice ® itself but provide enjoyment to players. As such, it will be a layer on top of the regular rules. Without boring the reader, the assumption is that players have knowledge of the rules of Dragon Dice ®. Therefore, this document will not go into the gory details. [Read More]


In Dragon Dice, there is a type of “unit” called Dragonkin. In the game, dragons and dragonkin are summoned. Great! Except, they really should be played as units. This short blog entry describes how I propose changes allowing them to be played as units. This will not discuss the mechanics of the game. Instead, if you want Dragon Dice instruction, see the link earlier. Building a Force There is no longer a 1/3 of health worth of Dragonkin that are brought into the summoning pool. [Read More]