Dragon Dice: Some Campaign Rules

This rules variant is a way to enhance games of Dragon Dice ®. The rules are intended to be light enough that it does not interfere with the game of Dragon Dice ® itself but provide enjoyment to players. As such, it will be a layer on top of the regular rules. Without boring the reader, the assumption is that players have knowledge of the rules of Dragon Dice ®. Therefore, this document will not go into the gory details. Just what’s being enhanced!

Basic Rules

As mentioned the variant is still Dragon Dice ®. When you construct your initial armies, you can use any die you want. However, your initial construction force size is 24 points. This is what is called your dice pool and is what you draw from to build your force for each game. From here on out, the only way to gain additional dice is through gaining badges.

You Need Some Stinkin’ Badges

Badges are acquired through victory conditions. If a player wins by controlling two eighth faces, they will gain 3 badges. If they win by eliminating the opponent entirely, they gain 6 badges. If a player loses but gains the 8th face, they gain 1 badge. Finally, after the match, a calculation is made by both players to determine how many badges that player gains from attrition.

To do this, first calculate the number of points a player reduced the forces of their opponent by, for example through eliminating a magic item, killing a unit, or burying a unit on their opponent. Next, the player divides that point value by 2. Add this amount to the total badges earned.

So you’ve got badges. What do you do with them? You buy dice. For every 3 badges, you can bring in 1 point of dice into your dice pool. That’s great! How do you handle medium equipment? Simple. They’re worth 2 points for the purposes of the dice pool from which forces are drawn from. For the purposes of force construction, they follow the official rules.

Role-playin’! (a.k.a. The Gathering of Commanders)

Some would think it necessary to include a kind of role-playing element to this variant. I’m one of them! So, how would role-playing work? You take on the role of a general of the army and role play with other generals. This is a bit different than having say levels and whatnot. Your prowess is in the dice you’ve collected. What about character sheets, names, species, and everything else? Feel free to develop all that. Just abide by the rules of the group that you have joined.

There are a number of things that you can do during the role-playing part of the session. You can drink grog. You exchange badges for dice. You may loan or give badges to another player out of the kindness of your own black heart. Finally, you can even trade dice. Pretty much if you think it and it’s allowed by your group, you can go for it.

Outta Dice!?

A player continues playing until they surrender all their forces to someone or all their dice are defeated, thereby forfeiting their rights to be a general. So, what do they do now? Well, they assemble another 24-point force and start from scratch. If you’re role-playing, feel free to consider using the same general. You can even say “I escaped” and come up with a (un)believable tale.


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